Assam History – All in one eBook with Rich MQC Collection

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Assam History is a subject that gives the facts and perspectives of past events. In its given premises, it includes a wide range of topics such human settlements, society and cultures; type of governance and administrative systems; trade and economic policy; interstate relationships; wars and battles, etc. in the time frame of Ancient, Medieval, and Modern. So, Assam History is one of the essential disciplines of Social Science to know the past and design the future accordingly. This E-book is divided into different chapters and contains only the concept of historical facts in a given time frame-work. This is designed only to score higher in competitive exams.

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Assam History mix

This E-book is designed exclusively for the students preparing for the different competitive exams including APSC, other civil services, banking, railway, Teachers eligibility test, and all other competitive exams of such kind.

Why we are charging Rs. 200?

Although, the Ebook is created with the help of Wikipedia and History/Social Science Old Books (class 8th to 12th) but it contains a huge collection of MCQs with answers, which are actually included by our authors doing great labour. So, we are charging Rs. 200 for the questions and the answers only.

2 reviews for Assam History – All in one eBook with Rich MQC Collection

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    Akash Hazarika

    You have finally published it. I remember your announcement about this eBook 6 months ago. I will own it soon. Thank you in advance.

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    Jitendra Deka

    It passed 2 weeks I bought this eBook from here. I have to admit that this eBook is really fantastic. I covers almost all the historic topics that can be asked in any competitive exam. And the MCQ collection is also very good. I like your editor’s idea to to provide answers in the bottom of every page. Finally, I like to thank you to publish such an amazing book for competitive exam aspirants.

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